About Me

Hi, I’m David,years old and a passionate Swift and Web Developer. I follow the swift-evolution and swift-server-dev mailing list with great love.

I already have a education as a Game and Multimedia Developer and worked one year at Sablono GmbH in Berlin. But that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to deepen my knowledge about algorithms, low level programming and software architecture. That was the reason I have started to study computer science at the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim in the autumn of 2016. It makes fun and I have already learned so many new things. It was definitely the right decision to go back to school.

I believe because I have practical experience, I can see the use case for many abstract topics other students can’t think off. They often complain that they don’t see the reason why they should learn something and think they will never use it again after that course. To help them, I try to explain why they should care and show them an example use case. After that they are really thankful and often more motivated to learn for an abstract topic.

Since the introduction of Swift at WWDC14, I’m continuously hacking on different iOS Apps but no App has left my Mac. That changed in late 2016. I published my first iOS and watchOS App on the App Store: MyTimetable - for HS-Mannheim. It is a simple course schedule for my University. In early 2017 I also created my first Mac App to solve the Travelings Salesman Problem. It was part of my submission for the Code Competition from IT-Talents.de.

In April 2017, I created a Swift Playground Book for the iPad. It is a tutorial on programming the famous arcade game „Snake“, addressing intermediate users. That was part of my submission to Apple for a Scholarship to receive a WWDC 2017 ticket.
I’m proud to say that I have been awarded a WWDC Scholarship 🎉🎊.